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Purdy XL Elite Dale

£13.70tax incl.

The unique blend of chinex and orel filaments makes this brush the perfect 'all rounder' lasting five times longer than any natural bristle brush. The characteristics allows the filaments to self flag as the brush wears. Engineered for greater paint lift, smooth application, fast clean up and precision cutting in with it's angled edge. Angled brushes gives you complete control and accuracy for when you need a more precise finish around door and window frames etc. The natural hardwood rat tail handle is ideal for those hard to reach areas with a stainless steel square edged ferrule. Tramlines are dramatically reduced when using the 'Elite' range with waterbourne paints. Recommended for use in all types of paint and available in various sizes. Handmade in the USA.

Tip :- Storing the brushes in the wallets provided when clean and dry preserves their shape.

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