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Corona Kingston Brush

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The ultimate in professional application of today's hi-tech coatings.

Designed, formulated and constructed with a full stock 100% DuPont Chinex tapered synthetic filament to maximise the benefits of superior paint release and cleanup

Deceptively versatile brush with great paint lift and lay off. Manufactured using 100% chinex tapered synthetic filaments but thinner than other corona synthetic brushes making it ideal for accurate cutting in and trim work. This narrow unlaquered hardwood beavertail handle and stainless steel ferrule is ideal to use in all types of coatings for interior and exterior use. Available in various sizes

1" 7/16" thickness, 2 3/16" trim length

1.5" 1/2" thickness, 2 7/16" trim length

2" 9/16" thickness, 2 11/16" trim length

3" 11/16" thickness, 3 3/16" trim length

Tip :- Storing the brushes in the wallets provided when clean and dry preserves their shape.

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