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Tajima Scrape-rite 200 Heavy Duty Scraper

£24.42tax incl.

Tajima 20cm long handled power scraper with die cast aluminium head, reinforced shaft and steel end cap. With twin-bolt blade locking and spring loaded clamp to secure blades in place and for easy and fast replacement. Performs precision scraping with the reversible ENDURA BLADE for standard or ultra-sharp scraping tasks. The high impact reinforced shaft with stainless steel end cap is made for hammering. Compatible with the Endura 18mm Blade which can be used one way for its razor sharp edge up for precision scraping or reversed for standard scraper.

Suitable for the toughest of jobs including walls, floor, ceilings and roofing applications.  

Pack of 3 Endura Solid 18mm Blades in handy plastic dispenser and a protective blade guard are included.

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