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Ronseal Hi-Performance Wood Filler (2 Pack) Catalyst Sachets

£2.19tax incl.

Extra sachets of the catalyst to be used with the Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler. Tins of Ronseal High-Performance Wood Filler are purchased separately.

(A resin based high performance all purpose, 2 pack wood filler that will fill damage caused by wet rot or general repairs to wood. The filler and catalyst provide ultimate tough repairs to wood with no shrinking or cracking. Fills to any depth in roughly 30 minutes and can be drilled, screwed or planned. Easy sand formulation. Can be be painted, varnished or stained. Supplied in 3 pack sizes and available in 3 colours (Dark available in 550g only) The high performance wood filler can be used in conjunction with Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener to provide a cost effective and long term alternative to replacing joinery that has been attacked by decay and wet rot. Can be used internally and externally)


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