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Timbabuild ERC10

£29.48tax incl.

Timbabuild ERC10 is a 20 minute curing formula specially designed for spot repairs to timber that are subject to stress and impact. For interior and exterior use, the 2 part viscous consistency allows it to gel and cure in faster time. 1:1 ratio mix, solvent free, epoxy resin wood filler is formulated for spot repairs, emergency repairs and splicing smaller repair areas particularly where the wood is damaged as opposed to rotten. Used extensively for sash windows where they can be removed entirely and be laid flat. It will also directly treat the timber to prevent any further signs of decay. Can also be used as a powerful adhesive. ERC10 performs high strength and impact resistance, and is cured and ready to paint within a hour (at 20-45'C) for same day repairs. ERC10 is supplied in a specially designed side by side cartridge that fits into a custom made extrusion tool/gun, accurately and evenly dispensing the resin. Once cured ERC10 can be machined, drilled and accept nails, screws etc. ERC10 is coatable with most decorative wood finishes.

For repairs up to 10mm depth

*Extrusion tool/gun sold separately)


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